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Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants…They are on their way!

This story is my real life at the moment. Fantasy meets Reality…This is a story where I am one of the main characters and Mike Rowe is my co-star. It is a two person act…the third being the one who lands the quilt made from these jeans…

Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants

They are on their way…

This is the original post I did :

Dear Mike Rowe,
As you can see by this page, I dabble in Quilts. A great part-time job to supplement my income from my real job of cutting hair @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens. I am not in a position to donate money or buy any of your C.R.A.P., but I could make a Rag Quilt out of your jeans, I even can include stains… Bet it would net you a few grand for Mike Rowe Works. Let me know what you think! It would be my honor~ Judy

Getting (in Mike Rowe's PantsOffering to make a quilt out of his jeans to auction off for his Foundation mikeroweWorks – knowing how many women would love the opportunity to get (in) Mike Rowe’s pants, myself included of course – in the hopes of it netting a few grand.

I waited…..and waited….How could he refuse such an offer? and I waited some more…

Found out you cannot post to a page from another page…I learn something new everyday!

About 3 weeks later I posted again…in my name to Mike’s wall.

Judy A Muche shared a photo to Mike Rowe‘s timeline.

Seriously Mike Rowe,
Send me 6 pair of your used jeans and I will make a quilt from them, and I will throw in a few Garden Aprons….

He responded!

Mike Rowe Love it. Since I possess several pair that seem to have magically shrunk, I’ll send them along.
I was actually jumping up and down! I am being afforded the honor of contributing to a worthy cause…and get (in) Mike Rowe’s pants…
In the meantime, Mike had posted yet another selfie, this time wearing Armor…click here to see that selfie...
Could it be? A girl can dream…
Still waiting for Mike’s package to arrive I reposted a reminder…on March 2nd
 and he responded…
Getting (in) Mike Rowe's PantsThey are on their way…
A selfie to me!
I am waiting for Mike Rowe’s Package to arrive. I am a lucky girl…Three weeks later…
To read about the Denim Rag Quilt click image below:
 Getting (in Mike Rowe's Pants

27 thoughts on “Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants…They are on their way!

  1. Julie W.

    Love it! Posted it on my FB wall as well so others could enjoy the play on words. Hope you get his package soon! 😉

  2. Amy

    Oh, my. . .I just recently made a Denim Fray Quilt, and never considered asking the awesome, manly Mike Rowe for his jeans for such a purpose. Are you going to wash them first, extract his DNA then wash them, or leave his DNA imprint on them for the eventual buyer?

  3. Carol Carlgren

    Awesome for you, Judy! I would LOVE to get into Mike Rowe’s pants! 😉 I’ve just started doing quilting myself, so I know how much love you will put into this project for the MikeRoweWorks foundation! I’m sure he will be genuinely appreciative and you will more than likely find your creation on one of his C.R.A.P. auctions!

    Lucky you he send more than you asked for! If you want, you can keep it for yourself!

    Take care!

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