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Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants~Mock-Up Key Tab

Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants is amazing, awesome, and inspiring. It gives me the opportunity to express my creative side, and raise money for mikeroweWORKS!

And we have even found a way to mix adult humor in with all the talk about pants, zippers, and tools.

Paying attention to details allows your work to shine.

Mike Rowe's Tool (Caddy) The Quilt Cabinet

For example: I am working on a Tool Caddy. Measurements need to be taken into consideration. Knowing the average length of a man’s tool is 5 3/4″, I have decided that is how deep the pockets need to be…width is yet to be determined…

I just had this little gem posted to my timeline by one of my new friends, Shelby.

Is there not a question Mike has not fielded with dignity? He tries to skirt the issue, and he does it well. Love this! I thought I should have made the pockets a little deeper…Mike surely is above average in every other aspect!

Moving on to the next product:Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants Mock-up Key Tab

We are adding some bling to the Carry All…Doesn’t the chain look like Chain Mail? Perfect tie in…after all Mike is considered a Knight in Shining Armor among many…and here is proof…

And that brings us to the Key Tab…

Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants Mock-up Key Tab

This is my first mock-up for the key tab. I should have cut the circle before I sewed it, looks a little square. ¬†Feeling the braid was a little too long, I measured it…

OMG! It measures 5 3/4″…I do not think I could have done that if I tried…

’nuff said…

3 thoughts on “Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants~Mock-Up Key Tab

  1. Cat =^..^=

    And, would LOVE to know how to make the roses! ( as well as some of the other things you made. I have a couple pair of jeans laying around here just waiting to be turned into something useful!

    1. Judy A Post author

      The roses were not my own, same with the apron. I will post the links to The Quilt Cabinet again. As far as the ‘stuff’ I did design, I will be posting directions for the items I have created after Mike decides what to do with them. I do not want to take away from his reveal. I have lots of great plans as this progresses. Stay tuned…

  2. Cat >^..^

    I sure would love to see the rose up close. They would also look really good on a pair of denim shoes.

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