The Quilt Cabinet

Past, Present, & Future @ The Quilt Cabinet

The Quilt Cabinet holds many treasures…

Past, Present, & Future…

Quilt Making has proven to be a mainstay along with my Gardening….

Here you will find all things Quilts…

The Quilt Cabinet offers Handmade Quilts, T-shirt, and Photo Quilts....The cabinet is a Treasure in itself….


Controlled Chaos.

Magic Touch & Her Quilt(s)

Shown in Black and White Ombre, Controlled Chaos is the pattern I developed  a few years back. Since, I have secured a Patent. Wow! With this pattern I am able to create Quilts for all seasons, for all reasons…The pattern allows me to go from Contemporary to Traditional…


The Quilt Cabinet offers Handmade Quilts, T-shirt, and Photo Quilts....

Magic Touch & Her Quilt Cabinet

My Cabinet is where I keep the Quilts ready for Shipping…Check out what is in stock. These quilts are made to enjoy. They are comfortable. They are constructed with 100% cotton front and back. Sewn with cotton thread. Hand knotted with cotton string. I use 4-ounce polyester batting. They are machine-washable.


Photo Quilt, www.TheQuiltCabinet.comMagic Touch & Her Photo Quilt

Photo Quilts make the perfect personalized gift. Comprised of 20 of your best Family Photos, they are sure to bring tears of joy to anyone receiving them….A Family Heirloom…

1200x250 (1)

Memory Pillows @ The Quilt CabinetMemory Pillows @ The Quilt Cabinet

A Memory Pillow allows you the comfort of a loved one.Memories brought back every time you embrace your pillow. Post includes information to order pillows made from your treasures.

Pillows made from shirts, bath robes, or t-shirts are available.


T-Shirt Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Magic Touch & Her T-Shirt Quilt

A T-shirt Quilt is a Quilt made from clothing…You provide the shirts…I do the rest. Concert shirts, Sports shirts, Baby Clothes, Destination shirts…The list is endless.



No Calorie Candy with all the Comfort/ The Quilt Cabinet

No Calorie Candy with all the Comfort!

For the Sweetheart in your life…Would that be you? An incredible way to show just how much you care…Candy without the calories…The perfect gift…


The Cedar Chest The Quilt CabinetMagic Touch & Her Cedar Chest

My Cedar Chest if chock full of Quilts…Miniatures, Lap, Summer, and even an Amish Quilt. What you see in the Chest are my personal Treasures…The Christmas Log Cabin is the first “official” Quilt I had made. The large Dresden Plate is an Amish made Quilt given to me as a gift.


Perkiomen Valley High School Quilt The Quilt CabinetMagic Touch & Her School Quilts

Perkiomen Valley School District,  Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

When my son was between second and third grade, our district built a new elementary school. I decided the new building needed its own quilt. And then it started…Quilts for each building, South being the only building not represented…


Miller Building Quilt The Quilt CabinetMagic Touch & Her Community Service

The 5th Grade Quilt Project is a great way for me to serve my Community. My Community Service puts my Quilting talents to the test…every year for the past 15. This April we will be starting the process again. 2014 will be my 16th year!


Dr Seuss Hat Quilt sketch Magic Touch & Her 5th Grade Project

Magic Touch & Her 5th Grade Project (Part 1)

Magic Touch & Her 5th Grade Project (Part 2)

Magic Touch & Her 5th Grade Project (Part 3)

2014 marks my 16th year of volunteering in Perkiomen Valley School District, helping with the 5th Grade Quilt Project. This year I will be doing posts on the process for The Schwenksville Elementary School Quilt. Part 1 details the design process.


7 thoughts on “Past, Present, & Future @ The Quilt Cabinet

  1. shirley groomes

    First visit to your web site, your quilts are beautiful, love your color choices. I have known you many years, you continue to amaze me.

  2. kally Larson

    Your quilts are just beautiful. Have you considered firefighter, police and military themed? I am sure they would sell quite well. When I was a police office I bought a police throw but I would have much preferred one of your quilts.

  3. michelle

    Any way that you sell any of your quilts? My grandmother passed and I left our favorite quilt by accident at a hotel and they didn’t find it. We are heartbroken .

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