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Memory Pillows @ The Quilt Cabinet

A Memory Pillow allows you the comfort of a loved one.

Each pillow is made to order offering a uniqueness all its own.

Memories brought back every time you embrace your pillow.

Memory Pillows @ The Quilt Cabinet

The pillows pictured above are the first order I received as a result of Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants… I made a quilt along with 69 other items to auction off to benefit mikeroweWORKS! out of 8 pair of Mike Rowe’s Pants!

Patricia sent me 2 shirts and a bathrobe. They belonged to her daughter, Melissa’s Grandfather. If you click the picture it will reveal more of the story in the comment thread.

Pat requested Heart-shaped pillows. And the above is what I sent back. Both shirts became 1 12″ and 1 8″ heart shaped pillow. The 8″ Heart is taken from the left front pocket. Closest to his heart.

Bathrobe Bow Memory Pillow @ The Quilt Cabinet

The Bathrobe became a 12″ heart and what is now known as, the Bathrobe Bow Pillow. I used the back from the waist down. Kept the belt loops and the sash to fashion a bow in the front. Creativity has no bounds. I really like it. And I know Melissa did as well.

Oh and I posted to Mike Rowe requesting his bathrobe to make pillows from. More stuff to add to his pile of C.R.A.P. Let’s see if he sends it…Collectables ~ Rare and Precious.

T-Shirt Pillow @ The Quilt Cabinet

And for a really special T-Shirt…I have a pillow for that too. They run $50 each or $40 as an add on to a T-Shirt Quilt order…which you can find @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens blog….  Someday this will be better organized…It is on the list!

If you have shirts or a bathrobe you would want to preserve in pillow form, let me know. I will do my best to sew your treasure into a memory from the Heart!

My contact information:

Facebook: The Quilt Cabinet, throw me a like while you are there…



The Quilt Cabinet

104 Maple Avenue

Collegeville, PA 19426

Phone: 610.287.9600, I will answer Magic Touch. Don’t be confused, that would be my ‘real’ job. 32 years this year!

Pricing is according to order. I offer lower prices for more than 1 of an item.

Base Prices:

Shirt Pillows available in Heart & Square

8″ $20

12″ 25

14″ 30

Bathrobe Bow Pillow

This pillow is rectangular. The finished size is determined by the robe itself. Adult finishes approximately 12 X 16

Adult $45

Child $40

T-Shirt Pillow

Finished size varies with the emblem on the shirt. Usually 12″ or 14″ Square


$40 as an add on to a T-Shirt Quilt order.

All orders include shipping. Outside of the US would require an additional shipping fee.

I prefer check (payable to The Quilt Cabinet) along with the shirts. You could also make full payment to PayPal.. PA residents need to add 6% sales tax.

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