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Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants

Getting (in) Mike Rowe's PantsJust the other day I had Mike Rowe post a selfie to me! Here is the unfinished story: Getting (in ) Mike Rowe’s Pants

This story is my real life at the moment. Fantasy meets Reality…He even showed up on my feed dressed in Armor…What more could a girl ask for?

Back in September, I had a client who wanted a quilt made out of her Gardening jeans. I chose to make a rag quilt. I had made rag quilts a few years back out of Homespun. A fabric which frays easily to give the quilt a more rustic look.

Carol afforded me the opportunity to work with Denim. Wow! The results were fantastic. It turned out well. Look for my post on directions. I will be documenting the process using Mike’s jeans when they arrive.

Getting (in Mike Rowe's Pants

After posting a picture of Carol’s quilt on The Quilt Cabinet, my cousin, Sue, wanted me to make one for her daughter, Monica, for Christmas.

Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants

Each Quilt has its own character…

Busy with quilts come Christmas, I still had not come up with a great gift for my son, Michael’s girlfriend, Jen.


Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants

Saturday night I had called Michael to see if he had jeans I could use to make a quilt for her. They were delivered on Sunday…by Wednesday (Christmas Eve) I had it done. It went in the box damp, but it was done for their arrival to Dinner…


In the meantime a friend had given me a pile of jeans to make a quilt for myself, and of course it got put on hold! I got the pieces cut and put them aside to do a few more quilt orders…


Pile of cut jeans The Quilt Cabinet

and here they sit…What I would really like to do is incorporate my jean jacket (from the 70’s) which I had embroidered a dandelion on the back into the quilt. I went looking for it and it is not where I knew it to be. The last time I remember seeing it was to show a friend. I just hope I let her take it home to show her daughter…I need to send an e-mail in hopes of finding it…It is one of the rare things I made for myself….But my closet got cleaned out because of it…

And now for the real story…Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants…They are on their way!


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