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My name is Judy A Muche.

Judy A Muche The Quilt Cabinet

Hello from the house on the corner of two-tree lane, Willow & Maple, in Collegeville, PA.

Hello from 2 tree lane The Quilt Cabinet

I graduated Perkiomen Valley High School in 1976, attended North Montco Vocational School for Cosmetology, and have owned and operated my own hair salon, Magic Touch, since 1983.

My son, Michael, followed my footsteps at Perkiomen Valley ’06, and is now a graduate of Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business.

Some of you know me personally and there are those of you who will get to know me through The Quilt Cabinet. I hope I have the opportunity to get to know you. I love quilts! I especially love their stories.

How it all started…

In 1993 I discovered my friend Diane quilted. I was envious, wishing I knew how to quilt. I thought quilting took a lot of patience—something I lack. She told me if I had the patience to do counted cross-stitch, I had the patience to quilt. Well, she was right. Her lessons were invaluable because along with the quilting lessons came history from her family, rich in generations of quilting. I was fascinated. Thank you, Diane. You taught me a lot about quilting. You are the one who started this. What 18 years ago? How time passes.

A few years later, my own technique was developing and I began making quilts as gifts. As I became more knowledgeable and confident in my craft, I started making quilts for Perkiomen Valley School District. Check out my page on the school quilts!

Somewhere along the line I developed my own pattern. I found it perfect for me—the girl with no patience. After I learned how to make quilts that worked for me, I discovered people actually wanted them—just what I needed, encouragement. I had done a few consignment quilts which I really liked doing because they really tested my creativeness. They became my creative outlet.

And back to ControlledChaos, which is what I named my quilt design: I shared the name with a few of my friends and some did not like the name—was it negative? But today that is a different story. ControlledChaos is the perfect name—it reflects my whole life!

& Her Quilts

I call my quilt a “couch quilt.” They are 57”x71”.

Perfect for the couch or your side of the bed. So let’s call them couch quilts.
New term? Let’s see if we have the power to get “couch quilt” in the dictionary.
These quilts are made to enjoy. They are comfortable. They are constructed with 100% cotton front and back. Sewn with cotton thread. Hand knotted with cotton string. I use 4-ounce polyester batting. I like the lighter weight, it doesn’t bunch, and it keeps you warm and cozy.
My quilts are machine pieced with the best machine ever. It holds up to me!
Each quilt is hand knotted, which is a very old technique. I do not hand quilt them, that just takes too long. I have the attention span of a gnat.
The binding is attached to the front by machine and hand sewn to the back.
They are machine-washable. The dye used in fabric-making seem to hold up much better than it used to. But you do need to remember cotton is a natural fiber.

The Quilt Cabinet
104 Maple Avenue, Collegeville, PA 19426

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8 thoughts on “The Quilt Maker & Her Quilts

  1. Sylvia Bonnar

    Hi Judy Looked at your website it is so nice. I have been looking for years for some one to make a quilt out of a huge patch work that my son brought me from Japan when he was in the Navy..I is colorful and make from all types of Japanese robes..My son had it made for me but couldn’t get it finished due to being shipped out .So I would be interested if you could possibly finish the project for me..I live in Baltimore..if your interested please email me back.

    Thank you

    1. Judy A Post author

      You would be better off finding someone with a long arm machine. I knot quilts to finish them, and it sounds like the project would be better quilted. Happy Hunting!

    2. Elin

      Sylvia –

      Google “quilt show baltimore” (without the quotation marks). The links you find from that search will put you in touch with people who are very into quilting. They will know who has a long-arm machine and will also know of someone who might be willing to finish the piece your son had made.

      Good luck!

      P.S. I’m here because Mike Rowe got his C.R.A.P. package and made a video that wound up on my Faebook news feed. Great work, Judy!

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