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Featured Item~Carry All

The Carry All

The Auction….

The Quilt Cabinet JEANS and more

The Carry All fetched $660! That makes $9660 so far.

All proceeds go to mikeroweWORKS.

The backstory can be accessed here, Well Worn…and they were worn well…

Here is your chance...Well Worn Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants The Quilt Cabinet



JEANS and more would be happy to make you your own Carry All, Unique to you.

Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants & the C.R.A.P that Ensued…*Your Carry All will not have the mrW logo.

*Chain not included

Finished size would vary according to the pants used

Carry All $75

Price includes return shipping & 10% to mikeroweWORKS


To order your very own personal Carry All, follow the steps below…

1. Send me 2 pair of non-stretch jeans. Tug on the waistband, if it gives, they are stretch. Stretch can not be used for this item.

2. Include payment, $75, in package or pay through PayPal. Use the Send tab in the menu bar.

3. Done! Your shipment will be back to you much sooner than you would ever expect!

Mail package to:

The Quilt Cabinet

104 Maple Avenue

Collegeville, PA 19426

E-mail for PayPal:

Any further information is available through e-mail or Message me @The Quilt Cabinet on Facebook.

Oh, and don’t forget, your order will provide a 10% donation to mikeroweWORKS!

Check out what else you could get from your jeans. With the 2 pair of jeans you can add any of the following to your order:

Mix and Match. Pick up to 4 of the following items:

Cuff Container The Quilt Cabinet JEANS & more


Cuff Container $10





Jeans and More Tool Caddy


Tool Caddy $20






You could also order up 2 each of the following:

Pocket Pouch & Heart On Pillow JEANS & more



Pocket Pouches $10 each

8″ Heart~On Pillow  $10 each

With or without cuff





Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants & the C.R.A.P that Ensued…


 Extra Pocket Purse $20 each

 With Fringe, or without

*Your item will not have the mrW Logo



**The above prices reflect items sold as add ons with the purchase of the Carry All

Items do have raw edges, and the finished appearance depends on the jeans used.

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