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My Gratitude


This is truly amazing and I am totally grateful <3 


I am smiling ear to ear, so much so my cheeks hurt. Muscles that have never been used so much. My dimples are showing! And the fun which has ensued. I was even inducted into the group ‘Mike Rowe’s girls.’ What an honor to be amongst such a fine group of women. Love me some Mike Rowe in the morning. And the fodder he provides is priceless….

My smile this morning comes from the fact I have been dubbed, “Dirty,dirty girl by Mike Rowe himself, and there is even proof…What an honor the behold! Be jealous, be very jealous!

You can hear the proof for yourself. Click Here…The phone call. Be ready for a long one…

Maybe we should all assume the title of Dirty, dirty girl! Let’s make him proud!

2 thoughts on “My Gratitude

  1. Karen Condon

    Judy, congratulations on using your artistic talents to raise money for mrW Foundation! As a quilter, I too have had the pleasure of seeing one of my quilts sold by Mike in a C.R.A.P. Auction. Keep up the great work!

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