The Quilt Cabinet

Mike Rowe & the C.R.A.P. He Creates

This letter is to you Mr Rowe,

Michael Gregory,

I am in awe of what has happened since you allowed me in your pants.

The outpouring of support is amazing.

Although things have gotten back to slightly above normal on my Social Media pages, I know that will change when you do the next auction. I am so looking forward to the excitement… I have loved every step in this project to date, and know there is much more to come.

Just what you have provided in ‘feel good’ is more than one could ask for. Sure there is frustration at times.

EX: I have had 2 orders from 2 of your fans.

1st order was pillows made from Grandpa’s shirts & bathrobe.

Memory Pillows @ The Quilt Cabinet

Now I want that white bathrobe you have been seen in on the internet…and here is a video on just how Dirty your bathroom is…LOL…


2nd order was artwork using Dad’s ties. They brought tears when they were opened.

Tie Art The Quilt Cabinet 6

And then your clips from QVC resurfaced.

Here is the link to the post on Buzzfeed. Top 5 Hysterical Moments Of Mike Rowe Hosting 90’s QVC Congrats on the auction of “Merry.” Too bad it wasn’t the Nun Doll…You crack me up….for that story click here…ADULTS ONLY….

Now I want the ties. Do you still have them? I would need as little as 4 to make a great piece of art by using fabric that was once tied around your neck. Do you see the problem you have caused?


Getting (in) your pants snowballed into 71 items, give or take a few. I had a blast. The ideas kept pouring in.

Getting (in) Mike Rowe’s Pants & the C.R.A.P that Ensued…

Just think, we could dedicate one page to your personal C.R.A.P.. (Do you put 2 periods there? I am never sure…) Use your clothing, the very fabric which prevents us from seeing the naked truth. I digress…So far we have the jeans, and I want the bathrobe & ties if you have them. The cost would be minimal. And limited to the shirt off your back. We would keep clothing manufactures in business…and you need to wear clothes, right?

And we (meaning you) could auction the ‘big’ item and sell the rest individually. There is great potential here. I can’t do it alone. I need the clothes from your back to put on my back, to give back to you, so others can give back by donating to mikeroweWORKS! ( I do use exclamation marks.)


My business is doing well. I thank you for that!

And yes, this is a shameless plug for you, me, and mikeroweWORKS!

Judy Muche, pronounced just like Gucci. You got it right on your 2nd try….

JEANS and more


P.S. The new product line, Jeans & more will be donating to mikeroweWORKS through every sale. Let’s see what we can do! (By we, I mean you, me and mikeroweWORKS…)

200 X 200






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