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Well Worn

Help me solve my dilemma….These were his favorite. Imagine my dismay having to take scissors to them. Here is where you come in. What should we do with them?

Here is your chance...Well Worn Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants The Quilt Cabinet

First I would like to tell you how difficult it was for me to cut these. Not until I decided to make a bag out of them did I proceed.

Well Worn, Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants The Quilt Cabinet

Here is your chance:

1) Should we make it into a carry bag for Freddy. He is going to be getting a miniature quilt, and I am not sure if terriers even like bags…I am thinking Freddy is a little too much of a control freak…He has Mike wrapped…LOL…

2) Make it into a carry all?

If you chose #2 which of the following would you choose?

a) to auction?

b) a gift to Mike’s girlfriend? She is more than willing to share with us….or was she glad to see them go?

Here is Mike describing his favorite pants…and yes…it is the pair pictured above…

In the meantime, I am spending way too much time on Social Media enjoying all of the comments. Thank you!


I have the Aprons done. I even affixed a mikeroweWORKS emblem on one of the pockets…it turned out well.

1/2 the pieces for the lap quilt and the small pieces  for Freddy’s quilt are cut.

Trying to figure out how to finish the front pockets into a shoulder bag. And working on the finish for the carry all.

and spending too much time enjoying the process…. :) :) :) :) :)

This is the post I did to Mike’s timeline. ‘splain this one…and he did. Click image..

Getting (in) Mike Rowe's Pants The Quilt Cabinet, staple


Here is the link to the series of posts if you are not already following along ~ Judy

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    1. Judy A Post author

      Somehow I think that will be the most popular choice, but Mike will have the final say…It will be going to a good cause…LOL…

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